Saturday, April 25, 2009

한국에 와서 밥통이 됐어

Back at home, I don't really like eating rice. I prefer noodle to rice anytime. But strangely, in Korea, my eating habit suddenly takes a 180 deg turn. I am now eating a lot more rice than noodle. Perhaps, the rice tasted much better here or it is because of the pot which is used to serve the rice. Whatever, I like to eat rice so much here to the extent that I think I have become a 밥통.

I have also re-discovered the benefits of eating rice. First, I don't feel hungry easily. Second, my body is getting more healthy. Third, it is cheap although this is not the main reason for my habit change. Below are just 3 rice dishes which I have been eating.

알밥 or Fish Roes Rice (3,500won). I started eating this rice recently after reading my friend's blog. It tasted as good as what was written. When I was taking this photo, the ajumma of the eating house where I ate, came up to me and arranged the dishes for me and then gave me advice on how to take a good picture. A really cute ajumma. This picture is taken according to her advice.

돌솥 치즈밥 or Claypot Cheese Rice (4,500won). This dish is a fusion of Korean and Italian food. It feels like eating pizza with rice. But it is delicious, especially the burnt rice at the side of the pot.

갈비밥 or Pork Ribs Rice (5,000won). This is a dish which I eat frequently because it is delicious and the eating house that sells it, is along the way. The pork ribs are seasoned and cooked just right and when served with rice in a claypot, the dish just tastes perfect. Anyway, this pork ribs rice is the signature dish of the eating house.


  1. Koreans and Japanese uses short grain rice unlike those in SEA. I'm not a rice person either but when it comes to those extra sticky fluffy rice I can have 2 bowls of it. yum~

  2. 밥 때문에 한국에서 살이 많이 쪘어.. ㅠㅠ
    그래도 하도 맛있어서 그냥 계속 먹었어. ㅎㅎ

    참.. 알밥을 바다사랑에서 먹었어?? ^^ 나도 알밥을 넘 좋아해... ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

    아 생각만 도 배고파.. ㅎ

  3. @수
    then you should come and eat all the extra sticky fluffy rice you want. 1000won for an extra bowl of rice :)

    지금 살이 많이 빠졌지?
    싱가폴에 그런 맛있는 밥이 없잖아.
    먹었던 알밥을 알밥이야기란 식당에서 먹었어.
    8월에 오고 나면 맘대로 실컷 먹을 수 있을 거야.
    그때까지 좀 더 참으세요~~

  4. 호호 알밥 좋아하면 월곡역근처에 있는 알밥 먹어봐요^^

    original time stamp: 27 April 2009 08:49

  5. 먹고 싶어. 같이 먹으면 더 좋지 ^^

    original time stamp: 27 April 2009 20:39