Tuesday, December 17, 2013

최초는 최고

There are many changes to Petite France between my latest and last visit. What were once pure white buildings are now painted in soft pastel colours. More murals were painted but regrattably, some original ones were painted over. The place was still work in progress on my last visit with few french-related exhibits, but now, the place is "overflown" with them. Development is the enemy of nostalgia. For me, the original Petite France is still the best. If it has snowed on my first visit, the memory would have been perfect.

Colourful buildings are not quite as harmonious as the original white buildings

The only regret of my first visit - no snow scenery

Many french-related exhibits to occupy your time

Little prince leaving home latching on to a flock of migratory birds

Did little prince ever tell you it does snow on asteroid B-612?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

남이섬의 겨울

I been to Nami Island twice - one in spring and one in summer. But I am not satisfied until I see the island covered in snow. So a day after it snowed in Chuncheon, I changed my travel plan and headed to the island for the third time. I used to like the place when it was less crowded. These days, there are just to much disturbance to its tranquility and scenic beauty. I doubt I will visit it again after this. I have seen enough of it that it no longer evokes as much feeling as my first visit in spring 2006.

10여년 상전벽해(桑田碧海) 이제 주인공은 한류스타답게 다들 부자가 되었구나

이런 겨울 분위기가 참 좋다

나도 눈놀이 하고 싶다

이 드라마는 누가 아직도 기억하나요?

낙서로 만드는 기억들