Saturday, April 18, 2009

강화도 - 강화역사관

Ganghwa History Museum. The first destination of our field trip. Not a very big museum.

After about 1.5 hour bus ride from Seoul, we reached our first destination - Ganghwa History Museum. We were given slightly more than one hour to move around the place. The place was not big and it did not take us more than half an hour to complete one round and did all the photo-taking we wanted. The museum is a two-storey building and it took me only about 15 minutes to walk through it. We actually had a lot of time to spare and we used it to entertain some curious elementary school kids who were on excursion. They were especially interested in our American classmate and many of them surrounded him and wanted to speak to him in English.
Left - Bronze Bell of Ganghwa

From this pavilion, I could have a good view of the surrounding.

Looking down from the pavilion. Students taking photo with cherry blossoms.

Looking out from the pavilion, is a view of mountains, fields and stream.

There are coin-operated binoculars at the pavilion to extend the range of sight.

Taking class picture by the fortress wall. Over the wall is a big river.

The pavilion as seen from the fortress wall.

Elementary school kids on excursion were curious about foreigners.

My Amercian classmate is very popular among the school kids.

A view of the pavilion while on my way out.

Wild flowers are blooming in the open.

After Ganghwa History Museum, we headed over to Olteo Korean Buffet (올터 한식 부페) for lunch. The food served was quite decent altough there were not many choices.

Walking towards Olteo Korean Buffet.

My American classmate posing with one big mouthful of Japchae.

Next destination: Ganghwa Peace Observation Deck

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