Wednesday, April 01, 2009

진해시 - 경화역

I left Jinhae last year with a regret and that is not being able to find my way to Gyeonghwa Station (경화역, 慶和驛).

On the way to Gyeonghwa Station, the taxi's ajeosshi was trying very hard to dissuade us from going. He insisted that Gyeonghwa Station is not worth going because the cherry blossoms over there have yet to bloom. He didn't stop his dissuasion until we reached the station. For someone who will get to see cherry blossoms blooming at Gyeonghwa Station for many years to come, he is definitely right. But for someone who came with a regret and who may never get the chance to return in future, I knew I had to go. Went I did and I did not regret even though it was true that the cherry blossoms were only starting to bloom.

Even without the splendour of blooming cherry trees, the atmosphere at Gyeonghwa Station was still fantastic. I left Jinhae this time without any more regret but only good memory.

A train 'tunnel' created by cherry blossom.

This shuttle train plies between Changwon and Jinhae Station during the festival only.

The train is on its way to the next station - Jinhae Station.

Another way to look at "sacrificing for the sake of art".

Be patient. Your full glory will come in a week time.

A photo of the station board for memory sake.


  1. In the 2nd shot, the peach blossoms form a pink see-through blanket over the train... So dreamy yet brilliant. Was it a bright or gloomy day ?

  2. the day was clear and sunny.