Saturday, November 29, 2008

며칠 안 남았다

The walk to the Korea Embassy took years.

Just as I was about to get off at the Newton MRT Station, I suddenly felt like running back and hide behind my boring but secure past. An uncertain future is like a thousand-ton weights weighing down on my mind and trying to bring me to my knees. I resisted succumbing to a weak mind because there was no turning back for me. My next step can only be forward. Nonetheless, my steps were heavy and so was my breath.

Goldbell Towers, where the Korea Embassy is located, stood majestically a short distance away from the station's exit. I found my way to the Consular Section, located at the fifth level of the building. The operating hours for the Consular Section is between 9am and 12noon and on weekdays only.

I presented the following items to the Consular's staff for my visa's application:

1. A completed visa application form
2. One passport photograph
3. One photocopy of my Certificate of Admission
4. A study confirmation letter issued by NUS Extension
5. My passport
6. S$80 visa application fee

3 days later, I received my D-2 Student Visa nicely pasted on my passport. There are not many days left before I depart. This shall be the start of a new beginning for me.

며칠 안 남았는데 짐과 맘도 챙겨야겠다. 이제부터 지나간 일들을 다시 돌아보지 않겠다. 쉬운 일이 아니더라도  앞으로만 바라봐야겠다. 힘내!


  1. 인생의 목표 꼭 달성할 거예요.
    Keep on going forward, I'm sure everything will turn out to be even better (:

    힘내세요 ^^

  2. 후아~~ 비자 받아서 축하해요 ^ ^
    we never know what waits us ahead...until we go there and reach for that ^ ^

    Just like Walt Disney said...
    All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them

    아차 아차 파이팅 ^ ^

  3. shanna and tata,
    위로의 말을 받아서 아무것도 두려울 것이 없어졌어요.

  4. wahhhhh.....
    Equinox-ssi, good luck and HWAITINGGGG !!
    please keep your blog always updated still, even when you're busy studying ^____^

  5. Equinox 씨,



  6. 버섯매운탕 약속 잊지 말아잉~~~ ^^

  7. cheryl, thanks. of course, i will update. it's a must, no matter how busy ^^

    agnes, 고맙고요. 격려 많이 주기때문에 내가 지금 아주 강해요. ^^

    k,약속 잊을 수 없어. 추위때문에 버섯매운탕 많이 먹어야 돼. 냠냠 ^^;

  8. Annyong,

    How long is your study at Korea? Hope that i could go Korea next March and see your school. Ha ha...joking. Wish you good trip and study hard. Will continue to see your update as it is well written and i will check the blog every day. Take care

  9. hi apple,

    아무때나 우리 학교에 놀러 올 수 있는 것 같아요.
    꼭 오세요.

  10. All the best for your studies!

  11. All the best Equinox ssi! Jia you.

  12. Hi, all the best for your studies.

    By the way, I will be going to Kyung Hee to study for around 4mths in Mar09. Hence, would like to seek some advices on the followings:
    1) Is it a requirement to have a confirmation letter from NUS extension? I will be getting Kyung Hee's admission letter but would not have NUS extension's letter since I have made the entire arrangment on my own :).

    2) Visa application form - is it necessary to go down to Korean embassy to personally obtain the form or they are willing to fax/email if one requested for it.

    3)Do they required a company letter to certify that you are an employee of the company?

    4) Non-visa related- Apart from Kyung Hee's program, have you came across Seoul National Universtiy's(SNU) program? I heard it is rather good but most Singaporean seems to attend the Kyung Hee's program.

    Pardon me for the above questions...:)

  13. Chu Ying and Lena, Thank you ^^

    Anonymous, for visa-related queries, it is better for you to ask the consular section of ROK Emabssy directly at 6256-1188. I am also sorry I can't comment about the SNU program as I know nothing about it.

  14. Thanks so much for providing the consular contact. Nonetheless, all the best for your studies.

  15. Hello Equinox, i was just wondering... did you extend your study term at NUS? I will be graduating in two years' time i am still thinking of going over to study korean lang and work part-time for perhaps one year before i officially graduate and start work. in other words, i'm thinking of delaying graduation.

  16. Hi E, I was not a NUS undergraduate when I left for Korea. In fact, I have to quit my job just to go over.

  17. Oh i see i see, alright thanks anyway(:

  18. Hi Emily, if I can go back in time, I would probably do the same thing like you :)