Thursday, April 16, 2009

꽃보다 마음

My campus's Main Admin Building (front) and the Grand Auditorium (back)... Cherry blossoms have finished their season. After yesterday rain, the haze that has been hanging over Seoul is finally gone. At the same time, the "summer" heat has also dissipated and it feels like autumn now.

My campus's Central Library and the surrounding greenery... Of course, it is still spring. Trees are back in business. Green has become the dominant colour as the day is getting longer. Sun rises at 6am and set at 7pm, giving 13 hours of daylight.

Cherry blossoms overhanging the stairs at one end of the Central Library... To see this scene again, you will have to wait another year. Beauty fades away as far as it comes. In life, beautiful moments are sparse and countable. A major part of our life, we have to learn to live with contentment and gratitude.

Cherry blossoms along the road leading to the Main Admin Building... I am completely awed by the beauty of cherry blossoms. But they are nothing compared to a nice heart. Our perception of beauty originates from it. I thought I saw one this spring - a heart that is learning to improve upon itself every day.


  1. Equinox ssi, do you ever feel out of place there in Korea?

  2. what does it mean to you?
    my simple answer: out of place, out of here.

  3. *looks at title*.. couldn't resist it could you, Equinox nim? lol..
    Spendid photos as usual! Thanks for sharing Korea's spring beauty.

  4. i could but i don't think you could ;)