Tuesday, June 19, 2018

재회 경주 석굴암

When I first visited Gyeongju's Seokguram, a time when I pronounced Gyeongju like Gwangju, I have to take an hour walk up Tohamsan Mountain from Bulguksa Temple before reaching its entrance. Time changed and so do I; I was able to drive up to its entrance this time. I was back to rediscover my 초심 (初心).

Entrance to Seokguram Grotto

Along the way, cuddly chipmunk froze for its picture to be taken

The last mile before reaching Seokguram, all dressed up for the coming Buddha's birthday

Wisteria providing shade at the public car park below Bulguk Bell Pavilion

Sunday, June 17, 2018

정동진 비치크루즈

Jeongdongjin (정동진, 正東津) was about 4-hour drive from Seoul. Not a smooth drive getting there as I have to battle heavy rain and very bad visibility along Yeongdong Expressway. Once at Jeongdongjin, it was paradise. I stayed in a twin pool villa at the new Beach Cruise (new extension of Sun Cruise). The room was as superb as it looks in the picture and the sea view, priceless. The sound of waves played non-stop throughout the night, providing a calming background music for a good night sleep.

To do justice to the place, I uploaded the corporate photos (first and second) from Sun Cruise Resort's website.

Sun Cruise - Hotel & Condo (left) and Beach Cruise - Pool Villa (right)

Twin Pool Villa with Terrace

Sound of waves played non-stop throughout the night

꽃길만 걷게 해줄게

I used to tell my mum that I am not impressed by the flowers at the Gardens by the Bay. Flowers grown in enclosure never impress me. "There is a more beautiful world out there and I will show it to you one day", I promised my mum.

Flowers are most beautiful in spring, especially when they are out in the open under strong sunlight. My mum finally agreed with me.

International Horticulture Goyang 2018

Garden of Morning Calm - Spring Festival 2018