Sunday, April 05, 2009


Like animals before going into hibernation, I put on quite some weight during Winter. I have some excuses for that. During the past few months, not only was it too cold to exercise, I succumbed repeatedly to a great enemy of weight management - ice cream.

The ice cream here has been selling at 50% discount which is ridiculously cheap. A pint only costs 3,000won after discount. At one time, it even went down to an obscene 1,980won. Despite the cheap price, I must say that they are actually quite good ice-cream as they are densely packed with little bubbles. In particular, I like the walnut flavour. There is a belief here that walnut is a good brain food (because walnut looks like a brain?).

Left is Vanilla Pecan and right is Walnut. They are empty containers ㅋㅋ.

Its Spring now and I have no more excuses not to exercise. To show my determination to get back to shape (hopefully), I bought a pair of trekking shoes and running shoes today. I will try to hit the threadmill on weekday and go for mountain trekking on weekend. Also, I shall try to cut down on my ice cream intake but this is the hardest part. I wish they can stop selling ice cream at 50% discount. Don't they know it is a sin to do that. Haiz... I am so bad at resisting temptation especially when it is ice cream.


  1. haha wow walnut ice cream? that sounds like a nice flavour :D
    hmm like you say, Singapore doesn't have much choices for korean classes. I'll probably just save up for korea next time :D

  2. not only is walnut a nice flavour, it is good for your brain as well ㅋㅋ.

  3. I have been guessing your gender all this while since the day i started to read your blog.

    guess that i found the answer already ^^

    ah~ too bad,i nvr like walnut taste..><

  4. you are probably quite new to my blog to even guess.

    anyways, i have nothing to hide but i have no need to reveal everything about myself because this blog is not about me as in the person.

  5. I'm not new to your blog.I'm just quite ignorance when it comes to detail.

    Couldn't recall if you have mentioned about it.I just don't know why it is so amusing to guess one gender.Maybe because your way of writing interest me.hmm..