Tuesday, April 07, 2009

벚꽃 놀이

Today is more beautiful than yesterday but it seems like the blooming will only be reaching its peak tomorrow. The Hangang Yeouido Spring Flower Festival is opening tomorrow and I will probably be there.

Now you should know why my campus is a recommended place to view cherry blossoms. If you are in Seoul, its time to pay my campus a visit. The cherry blossoms probably won't last beyond this week.

Central Library building rising above a sea of cherry blossoms.

A beautiful day like this is good for outdoor picnic beside the fountain.

The sun light is so gentle that you feel like basking in it.

Staying indoor is a waste when the weather is so comfortable.

The flaming red Chaenomeles blooms are so attractive.

How could I have forgotten about Magnolia in my previous post?

Walking under Magnolia and Cherry Blossoms.

화창한 봄날속에서 수업 말고 같이 벚꽃 놀이를 하러 가자!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Equinox ssi. It's simly beautiful!!

    So great is God & Mother Nature for showing us this splendour. And so great too, is your photographic skill, for capturing the glory of spring.

  2. waaa...so beautiful~~wish i could go there during this week *wishing*
    yeouido, kyunghee, lake near jamsil, waa why so many places that supposed to be visited kkk

    original time stamp: 7 April 2009 23:12

  3. must come to my campus, ok?
    되도록 빨리 빨리 가야지.
    the cherry blossoms are withering away so fast :(

    original time stamp: 7 April 2009 23:32