Wednesday, April 08, 2009

고궁 봄꼿 감상

Today, I shifted my base to Changgyeonggung (창경궁, 昌慶宮). It is a recommended place for cherry blossoms viewing but somehow it didn't really live up to expectation because there aren't many cherry trees around. Anyway, it isn't too bad a place to spend a lazy afternoon in. There is a lot of greenery and quiet corners for tired souls to unwind and calm down.

"Special Show" during spring. Only for limited period.

Sansuyu appears golden in sunlight.

Don't know the name of these flowers. They look like small roses.

Gonna appreciate every bits of the moment before it all disappears.

Enjoying a quiet afternoon amidst blooming flowers in the palace.

Fallen petals of cherry blossoms floating on water surface.


  1. Been seeing your posts on all those lovely flowers. You really cause me to salivate. (My work is affected.) The flowers are so pretty and I must say that you have pictured it very well too. I would have flown over immediately to view God's lovely creation if not for committing to join my sister for a tour in early May to Okinawa. God willing, I want to visit Korea next year this time. Thank you for all the lovely pictures.

    original time stamp: 9 April 2009 12:22

  2. enjoy yourself at okinawa. if your heart is beautiful, anywhere you go should turn out beautiful.

    original time stamp: 10 April 2009 20:31

  3. Man proposes but God disposes. My trip to Okinawa was cancelled due to insufficient participants. We decided to take the trip to Hokkaido instead though we had been there before. Indeed God is beautiful though I am not. He had allowed me to see the sakura blooming there,other lovely flowers like tulips and lavender and snow peaked mountains,... Thank Him for being able to see His beautiful creation.

    original time stamp: 12 May 2009 13:46

  4. good to hear that you have a good trip. life is short, enjoy whenever you can. hope the grandeur of nature in hokkaido gives you some new perspective about life.

    original time stamp: 12 May 2009 21:26