Monday, January 06, 2014

웃음이 필요해

Who is the greatest competitor of Kia?
(Hint: It's not Hyundai and Daewoo is long gone)

Answer: [Nokia]

How do you say "오뗑"in five Korean words?
(Hint: Think simple)

Answer: [뗑뗑뗑뗑뗑]

아몬드가 죽으면 무엇이 될까요? (What does almond become when it dies?]
(Hint: 100% Konglish)

Answer: [다이아몬드(diamond)]

양을 보고 싶은 닭은? (What do you call a chicken that misses sheep?)
(Hint: Food)

Answer: [양념(念)치킨]

What do you call a "닭 박사(博士)" in Korean?
(Hint: Konglish please)

Answer: [닭터, Doctor]

To whoever still reading this boring blog, Happy New Year ^^
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