Thursday, April 16, 2009

부정적인 결과

We were asked to make 3 sentences each for the grammar ~(으)ㄴ 나머지, ~(으)ㄴ/는 탓에 and ~는 통에. The 3 grammars are all used to give reason for a negative outcome.

One of my classmates made 3 sentences with ~(으)ㄴ 나머지 which I thought was quite funny.

1. 배가 너무 고픈 나머지 과식했어요.
(As I was very hungry, I over ate.)

2. 과식한 나머지 체했어요.
(As I over ate, I have indigestion.)

3. 체한 나머지 구토했어요
(As I have indigestion, I vomited.)

They are grammatically correct by the way. I was asking myself why I didn't think of that.

However, our teacher discourages us from writing short sentences. She reminded that coming to class is like paying a visit to a hospital. In order for a doctor to treat his patient well, the patient must be able to say a lot about his conditions. Similarly, the more we write, the more she will get to know about our 'conditions' and hence more effective 'treatment' for our learning problems.


  1. haha that was really witty(:

    hmmm Out of the 3 grammar contructions, I only know about ~(으)ㄴ/는 탓에. hmm I still have a long way more to go :D

  2. 서두르지 말고 여유있게 재미있게 공부하세요 ^^

  3. is there any difference between the three grammar points? love your blog btw >.<