Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Château d'Amboise

If there is one thing famous about Amboise, it is a place in France where Leonardo da Vinci spent his final years as guest of Francois I. His final resting place is in Château d'Amboise.

The royal Château at Amboise was built on elevated ground overseeing River Loire

The Royal Lodge

Street life below the château with more visitors than residents

The terrace outside the Royal Lodge where one can take a leisure stroll

Looking out from the one of the watch towers

The parterre (garden with patterns) at the back of the Royal Lodge

River Loire flows below the château

Nicely-shaped parterre

Lavender-lined path

The single tree to the left is a Lebanese Cedar. The center-right building is the St Hulbert Chapel

The white bust of Leonardo da Vinci marks the original burial site of the Italian Renaissance genius

St Hulbert Chapel is the final burial ground of Leonardo da Vinci after his remains were exhumed and relocated

Château d'Amboise from across River Loire

Sunday, July 16, 2017

파리 탈출

Tours is the largest city of the Loire Valley. By TGV, it takes about an hour and a half to get there from Paris and by the slower TER, two and a half hours. Compare to Paris, the street is less busy and weather cooler. Tours is a good start point for visit to the many royal châteaux and gardens spread over the region.

Palais de Justice located at the city centre

Tram plying the largest city (Tours) of Loire Vally

Hôtel de Ville - Tours

Basilica of St. Martin

The Tower of Clock along the same road as Basilica of St. Martin

The huge imposing St. Gatien's Cathedral

The clock of Tours train station (Gare de Tours)

파리 구경하기

I spent an afternoon sightseeing on foot in Paris. My walk by the River Seine started from Eiffel Tower and ended at Notre Dame Cathedral, a distance of approximately 4.5km. With the blazing hot sun over head, a lot of fluid and sunblock were absolutely necessary.

Eiffel Tower as seen from Champ de Mars

Public enjoying the sun out at Champ de Mars, a large open greenspace

The ornate Pont Alexandre III oozing opulence with gilt-bronze sculptures

Couple having their wedding photo shoot at Pont Alexandre III

Petit Palais as seen from the Grand Palais

Sculpture at the main entrance of Petit Palais

The Louvre

Fountain by the Pyramid

Final destination of the day - Notre Dame Cathedral

Visitors looking out from the Cathedral

End of my afternoon walk by the River Seine

리버 크루즈

Our host hosted us to a dinner on a river cruise after a day long of talks. Seven is supposed to be evening but the sky was still as bright as afternoon. It was difficult to concentrate on my dinner when view like Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral came up. There was so much to see on both sides of River Seine. On this cool summer evening, the riverside was crowded with people enjoying themselves with drinks and dance.

Friday, July 14, 2017


Is the journey or the destination more important? For working trips, destination is more important but when on holiday, it is the journey. I do not know where I am most of the times but google maps knows. Don't ask me where I am going, I just like to wander.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


I think I have established a new record. I cycled about 90km over 9 hours in two days. It was really enjoyable cycling through long stretch of corn field and vast open farmland. The heat of summer was hardly felt when cycling by the river.

불편한 진실

Seen on the street in Paris. Kudos to people who risk their life telling truth. Truth may set us free but our freedom to access truth is never free. People in power will always sought to deprive us of this freedom.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Leaving on a TER train back to Paris. This train is slower than TGV but the train ticket is also cheaper. No signalling fault is expected.

Tours train station (Gare de Tours)

TER train

한국 가지마

I was told not to go Korea again. People don't understand why I keep going to Korea for holiday. My simple answer was I don't have to plan where to stay, where to visit and what to do. Language is not a barrier and I can go anywhere without much problem.

When I was told to go France, I hesitated. I am a stranger to Europe. Few days before departure, I still have not read up anything about the country and made up my mind on what I should do. After a few days of stay, I realize it is not problem if I have no plan. Every place I went past, was worth a second look. There is a French romantic flair to everything.