Saturday, April 10, 2010


(Note: Popcorn Noraebang has closed down since 11 Sep 2010)

Popcorn and more

There is a new noraebang in town. It is tucked away in one of the old shophouses in the quaint Arab Street. "Popcorn Noraebang" as it is called, is probably the best place now to get your fix of the latest Korean songs. Song like "Lupin" and "Oh!" were already in their song list. However, you may not have much luck if you try to search for song as recent as "Run Devil Run".

Another improvement at the place is they have done away with those crappy scenery videos and movie cuts. Original music videos are now used though there is one thing you need to be told: the music video is not the original MV for the song. For example, when "Oh!" by SNSD came on, the video shown was that by Son Dambi and After School in "Amoled".

As you enter the noraebang, the first thing you will notice is a popcorn-making machine. So you see, they don't call popcorn noraebang for nothing. As for the room, it is clean and bright with simple furnishing and a big LCD TV. Popcorn is on the house but you will have to pay $33 an hour for the use of facility.

We were hoping that there would be "service" (extra free singing time) like what they do in Korea but no luck as the place was quite pack with crowd despite opening not long ago. More information about the place below:

Popcorn on the house

Colourful LED lights in this tamborine will light up when you hit it. The snack menu is under the tamborine. Snack prices range from $10 to $80.

New remote controller

Newly-minted song list

Popcorn Noraebang (팝콘 노래방)
Address: 122 Arab Street S199817
Telephone: 6293-5833
Operating Hours: Daily 1pm-3am

How to get there: Take MRT to Bugis Station. Exit from the station and walk about 7 minutes in the direction of Arab Street. The noraebang's entrance is not on the main street; it is in a small alley. Nevertheless, you will still see a signboard on the main street to direct you.

The above signboard can be seen along Arab street. Turn into the alley below this signboard to get to the entrance.

Popcorn Noraebang is on the 2nd floor of the shophouse.


  1. haha. it was a pity that snsd's run devil run wasn't there. :P

  2. go 1 month later, it should be there.

  3. Wow. The rates are pretty steep for an hourly basis. O_o

  4. we each pay $11 per hour.
    i don't know if they charge by a room or by number of person though.

  5. its per room. :)

  6. oh really? that means it is cheaper with more people.

  7. are the lyrics in hangul or is there romanization? (: