Tuesday, April 14, 2009

봄꽃이 지나간 후

Yesterday, cherry trees in my campus have almost completed shedding their showy blossoms. In yesterday class, our teacher told us a meeting she had with her two poet friends at a time when the cherry blossoms started to wither. They were sitting outdoor and the floor was covered with fallen petals of cherry blossoms. Her poet friends took off their shoes and walked on the petals. Then they suddenly shouted... When my teacher reached this point of her story, my mind had more or less concluded that her friends shouted because they had stepped on ants or some insects. However, it was not what I was thinking. They shouted because they felt it was so beautiful. I was so amused by my way-off thought. This just shows that I am not cut out to be a poet because I have a different mindset from them.

Yesterday was photo-taking day for all IIE Korean language programme students. We also took the opportunity to take our class photo. My current classmates are a positive lot. Not only are they punctual for class, they also do their homework diligently. That makes learning with them so much more interesting.

My class's teacher and classmates in front of main admin building.

Right after cherry blossoms bow out in grace, the royal azaleas are beginning to bloom in my campus. It seems like royal azaleas are avoiding a direct show-down with the cherry blossoms. Besides royal azaleas, there are a lot of other wild flowers that are blooming. Spring is like a festival of flowers. This means more pictures of flowers coming up.

Royal Azaleas blooming by the side near the main gate of my campus.

I am leaving for a 2 days 1 night field trip to Ganghwa Island (강화도, 江華島), at Incheon, this morning. Will only be back on Wednesday evening. Bye~


  1. Literary minds and scientific minds think differently. :)

  2. Fortunately, great minds think alike or else this world will be chaotic.