Sunday, April 19, 2009

강화도 - 강화 평화전망대

After lunch, we travelled up to the Northern tip of Ganghwa Island where the North-South border is drawn and where the Ganghwa Peace Observation Deck (강화평화전망대, 江華平和展望臺) is located.

The observation deck is built within a military camp. To get there, our bus had to go past a sentry post. Our bus stopped and dropped us off at the bottom of a hill and we had to walk up to the observation deck. It was not a long walk though.

The obeservation deck has four levels and only the first three levels are opened to the public. At level 1, there is a convenience store. At level 2, there is a museum about North Korea and at level 3, there is an auditorium where talk on North Korea is conducted for visitors (in Korean only).

The back end of the observation deck where the entrance is.

The first view of the Peace Observation Deck after reaching the hill top.

Two amphibious vehicles from the coastal defence force on display.

School children at the 'Mang Bae Altar'. Mang Bae literally means "look and pray".

From the observation deck, the land of Kaeseong in North Korea could be clearly seen. The sky was a bit hazy on the day of our trip, so visibility range was affected. Nevertheless, I could still see houses and fields. But no matter which direction I looked, North Korea is every bit an improvish state. Its mountains are almost stripped of trees. They are probably cut down to be used as energy source. Spring seems to have forsaken the ill-fated land. My mood turned sombre from what I saw.

A view that fit my image of an improvish North Korea.

Somehow, North Korea still looks beautiful with its rolling mountains.

The South Korea's side of the coast which is fenced off with fences and barbed wires.

Probably only older gerneration has feeling when looking across the border.

In an auditorium filled by senior citizens, a speaker spoke about the situation in North Korea. In the centre of the auditoirum, is a model of the North Korea's coast.

Inside the museum. Peace flourishes when pain is long forgotten.

The museum is quite small. It is as big as what you see in the photo.

Will one Korea ever see the light of the day? It will be a problem that has to be resolved by future generation. Best of luck.

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