Saturday, April 18, 2009

시청 화려한 변신

Things are changing fast in Seoul. There seems to be something new each day. Extensive construction works are being carried out at incredible pace at Han River, Dongdaemun Market and Gwanghwamun. Even small streams are getting make-over. If you are interested in the future of Seoul, you can read its masterplan on how it is going to transform itself from a good city to a great city.

The Art Fence at the City Hall has all but completed. The fence is probably a temporary feature and perhaps only last until the construction of the new City Hall building is completed.

The new Art Fence at City Hall. The sunset time on Friday was 7:08pm.

Tests were being conducted on the sound and light systems while I was there yesterday evening. Every thing looks good for the opening ceremony of the Spring Hi Festival on May 2. The festival is going to last for one week until May 9.

When the sun goes down, the Art Fence lights up as music plays.

Not only do the lights change colour, they are capable of forming patterns.

I am doing time-lapse photography just to show the changes of colour.

The new Art Fence is really a magnificent sight.

The stage looks ready for the Spring Hi Seoul Festival.

The Lotus Latern Festival is taking place next week from Apr 24 to Apr 26 and a street parade is scheduled for next Sunday. To take it slightly further, the world longest Banpo "Fountain" Bridge is going to start operation on May 1 and the new Gwanghwamun Square is opening in June. This is the fast transforming Seoul where I am currently living in and I am excited.

A lighted pagoda at one end of Seoul Plaza to mark the coming Buddha birthday.

Lighted pagoda and fountain at the Seoul Plaza.

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