Thursday, April 09, 2009

봄꽃 축제

Tulips for a change after being overwhelmed by cherry blossoms

Straight after Changgyeonggung, I was at Yeouido for the Hangang Spring Flowers Festival. It was a warm afternoon with temperature around 25degC. Cherry blossoms plus comfortable weather means huge crowd even though it was a weekday.

Cherry trees along the street beside Hangang Park are in full bloom.

When I was there yesterday, a street parade was in progress. Long line of people, stretching several kilometres, walked the street from Yeouido Park to the road behind the National Assembly House. There was nothing really glamorous about the parade but it does add a lot of the festival mood to Yeouido.

I like this bubble-blowing truck.

Where the truck went, the air was filled with bubbles.

There was a group of teenagers which followed behind the bubble-blowing truck. Each wore a plastic vest with sweets sticked on it. As they walked past a crowd, they would pluck out the sweets from their vest and offered them. I was given one as well. Some greedy crowd even went after them and helped themselves to the sweets.

Can you see the sweets that were sticked to the plastic coat.

Long line of people, donning colourful costumes, on street parade.

At Yeouido, not only do you get to see sea of cherry blossoms but also heads. It was just so crowded. I still prefer the atmosphere in my campus where there is so much more space to appreciate the beauty of cherry blossoms at their prime moment.

Sea of heads amidst sea of cherry blossoms.

I shall end with tulips again but more cherry blossoms pictures coming out.

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