Sunday, April 19, 2009

강화도 - 화문석문화관

This is the Floral Pattern Straw Mat Cultural Centre.

There are 2 levels in the building. The first level is the experience centre and the second level is the exhibition hall for artifacts made of straw. We were made to go for a tour of the exhibition hall first before proceeding to the experience centre for some hands-on on straw weaving.

Practical and beautiful items made of straw are being exhibited at level 2.

Inside the experience centre at level 1. Some more exhibits in the centre.

We were broken down into groups with an ajumma to each group.

We were required to make a handphone accessory like the one shown in the photo. The tools required are a pair of sicssors to cut the excess straw, glue for pasting the woven blob to a ready-made accessory and a pointed knife to push the woven blob into position.

The 'pro' ajumma, with 20 years of experience, giving us a demonstration on how to weave a blob that is to be used to make a handphone accessory.

My American classmate showing the '포기' (give-up) body language.

The weaving is actually not difficult though a little patience is required.

After a long afternoon, we finally got to eat our dinner at Nammun restaurant. It was Korean food again. Our dining table was taken up fully by plates to the extent that they had to overlap with one another. I wonder why nobody think of using square plates to serve, just to save some table space, since Korean food usually comes with a lot of side dishes. With so many food on the table, it was a hearty dinner.

With so many plates of food, the pot of soup has to sit on others.

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  1. wow, what was it that you were braiding in the picture? (: haha it looks difficult.

  2. we were making handphone accessory. the weaving looks difficult but kinda easy in reality. just move the straw up and down repeatedly and voila, a nice handphone accessory is done.