Wednesday, April 01, 2009

진해시 - 제황산공원

Jehwangsan (제황산) is a mountain located at the heart of Jinhae city. It is hard not to miss Jehwangsan in Jinhae since it is very accessible. Just last year, one has to climb the 365-step stairs or the "One-Year Stairs" (일년계단) in order to get to the park at its top, . This year, there is this new monorail car which gives much convenience to people who just want to have a quick look of Jinhae city from a high point.

Cherry blossom is everywhere in Jinhae. Jehwangsan is no exception.

The monorail car takes people up and down of Jehwangsan.

A view of Jinhae city from the top of a 8-storey tower on top of Jehwangsan.

The sky was very nice. It was very clear and very blue.

Violet-colour Magnolia flowers blooming at Jehwangsan.

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