Sunday, November 09, 2014

일출 산들바람

I have been wanting to set up another blog. In fact, I have created it last year but did not come round to make it live. Photographs will take centrestage in my new blog. It won't be just any photos but those that meant something to me. In a way, it will be a more personal blog.

When it came to naming the blog, I have two titles in my mind originally. One of them was "Memography of Hanguk" ("memography" as in "memory" and "photography"). It can be resolved to mean the memories and photographs of Korea. The other was "Sunrise and Breeze". I used "sunrise" and "breeze" as a euphemism for "hope" and "dream", the motivational forces which sent me to Korea. As I prefer subtle expression, "Sunrise and Breeze" became the name of my new blog. You can view it as a spin-off from "Mountain and Field", as I won't be covering new ground in it.

It would seem weird to be setting up a new blog when I am in a "semi-retired" state. One thing is certain, update for the new blog won't be as frequent after the current stockpile of photos run out. Some photos may have appeared in this blog before but I have blown them up for reposting. So while stocks last, here is "Sunrise and Breeze".

Tomorrow, I will wake up early for the sunrise and morning breeze.