Sunday, April 25, 2021

인생은 원래 그런거다

"Do you have any regret?"
This one question sent me looking back at my life for an answer.

If I have regrets, I will have stories to tell but I am not telling.
'Regret' is an unnecessary burden. Whatever I have done and not done and the subsequent outcome of my actions are nothing more complicated than a result of my passage through life.  

Life is not perfect but that does not mean we have to live with 'regrets'. No, I have no regret but I don't mind hearing yours.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

꽃 피는 날

Who doesn't like walking in a garden with beautiful blooms? 너Tube has abundant of videos which take viewers to some of the world most beautiful gardens. No background music, no narration and no cinematic editing, just plain walk-around videos. But seeing is never the same as feeling. There is always a need to establish an emotional connection to a place before we can say how we feel about it. Perhaps on one fine day when the flowers bloom, I can visit Kenkenhof.

Moonlight Garden in the Garden of Morning Calm