Wednesday, March 14, 2012

사랑과 비

Love has two faces and they are “happiness” and “sadness”. Only love can perform the miracle of merging what are seemingly opposite and make them one. - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

As much as love can be dazzlingly beautiful, it can be heartbreakingly sad. Sometimes, tears may flow because you are very happy. Sometimes, in the midst of sadness, you may fall into a moment of happiness.

Rain and love are quite alike. It rains regardless if you are happy or sad. On a rainy day, you may feel happy due to the warmth of our companionship. On a rainy day, you may weep due to the sense of loneliness of past memories. If it is a rainy day, memories filled with happiness and sadness rains into our hearts.

(Translation of excerpt from KBS's "Love Rain" official site)

With so many covered walkways erected in Singapore, it is kinda difficult to have opportunity to share umbrella with someone else on a rainy day. Even without covered walkways, I am not too sure if people will share umbrella. As city becomes more crowded, people tend to keep a further distance from one another.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

가수 못지않음

Not all singers can sing and not all non-singers can't sing. There are many people around us whom we think should have become singer but who never will. It is always a joy to hear them sing because they don't release albums nor stage performance frequently.

Shin Bora is a Korean comedienne or gag woman. She is a regular in the KBS2's programme "Gag Concert" which is aired every Sunday night. Every week, viewers are entertained by how she or her partner insists on a break up for some of the silliest reason out there in the segment "The Discovery of Life". It is quite well-known that she has a good vocal but it is not until I heard her sang seriously in Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook that I am smitten by her voice.

Shin Bora singing Kim Yeon Woo's "I love you is a common word" 

Lee Hana is a Korean actress. She made her debut in one of my favourite Korean drama "Alone in Love" as the quirky sister of Son Ye-jin. She is one of those people whom you will want to say, "You should have been a singer." She has a melodious voice which is rare in the K-pop scene. I kinda suspect people will remember her more for her singing than her acting. Life is full of ironies.

Lee Hana singing Janis Ian's Grammy award winning song "At Seventeen"