Friday, July 20, 2012


I have two teachers, one is in her early thirties and the other late forties. Both are happily married. We asked them, at different time, the same question: Why do you choose your husband?

The younger of the two has a story to tell,

"I didn't like him initially. He was not "my style" but he was very persistent. One night, I was alone at home. Normally, my boyfriend would call me every night, but for some reason he has not been calling me recently. I think it was one of those tricks guys normally use to make girls fall for them. They would start off calling you every day and night and after they have made it a habit for you to wait for their call, they suddenly disappear into oblivion, making you miss them. So that night, his call didn't come. As I was about to fall asleep, I heard some noises. I opened my eyes and right in front of me was a stranger. I was so scared to the extent I forgot to scream. Fortunately, the stranger left hurriedly when he saw me. I thought I have locked the door but perhaps I didn't. Anyway, while I was still recovering from shock, my phone rang. I don't know if it was a coincidence, it was my boyfriend who called. After I told him about the incident, he rushed over to keep me company. That was the time when I knew he is the one for me."

On the other hand, her senior didn't have much to say. Wearing a cryptic smile, she gave us a one-sentence answer,

"안 미워서..." (because I don't hate him)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I want to go the beach in July, before the throng starts coming in, despite it being the rainy season, and wade my tired feet through the icy cold sea water.

놀러 갈래?