Saturday, November 03, 2018

살아보면서 느낀것

Two guys stood in front of me in a snaking queue leading to the entrance of Palace of Versailles.

One guy asked the other, "You don't seem to take any photos."

His friend coolly replied, "There is nothing out there you can't find in the internet these days. The buildings, paintings and tapestries, someone somewhere would have posted them in the internet. I don't see a need to take any more photos."

I didn't take many photos of the palace and neither did I post any. I might have been influenced but there was also a practical reason why it was so; there was just too many visitors that composing a photo was troublesome. The thing about "must-see" attractions, they are always crowded. I didn't have the time and space to feel and appreciate any thing. I just moved along with the crowd until I was out.

Popular culture presents a world of "must-see", "must-eat", "must-do" and I have learned to ignore them all. A life that moves along from entrance to exit is not for me. Give me a road less travelled any day.

I like the colour combination: green trees, blue sky and golden field (in Loire Valley)

Nothing else but the beautiful "night sky" of summer Paris