Thursday, April 09, 2009

신선놀음이 부럽지 않았다

It is amazing how a single flower can actually bring out so much excitement, smile and laughter from people. The mood this week is nothing short of joyous.

Blooming reached its peak yesterday. Today, petals started falling like snow flakes. It was just simply beautiful when thousands of petals, scattered through the sky by the wind, rained down slowly in front of you.

Faced with such a beautiful scene, I am not at all envious of the life of deities. For this period, heaven is on earth.

School girls from a nearby High School were happily snapping away pictures.

Petals of cherry blossoms have started to fall. It is like snowing.

Not all happiness is found in heaven as I have come to realise.

For this period when the cherry trees bloom, heaven is on earth.


  1. wow, your photos look really good. just wondering - what camera do you use?

  2. I am using a DSLR.