Wednesday, April 18, 2007


What does a poor "yu hak saeng" (유학생-留學生) like me eat for dinner in Seoul? One of the cheapest dinner I ever eaten was this 2,000won ($3.30) Tuna Ramyeon (참치라면) at "Gimbap Heaven" (김밥천국). "Gimbap Heaven" is a 24-hours gimbap (seaweed roll) chain and is some sort of a "convenient store" for Korean food. For the price I was paying, I didn't expect the Tuna Ramyeon to taste better than Shin Ramyeon. Life was tough as a poor "yu hak saeng". Alright, maybe I was not that poor or I would have been cooking Shin Ramyeon for my dinner inside my dormitory. That definitely cost less than 2,000won.


  1. I like instant noodle too!

    It is a must for me after any western dinner with friends! I will make sure I made one for myself once I reached home. :)

  2. You mean you can take in another packet of instant noodle after eating Fish & Chip or Chicken Chop for dinner? You must have a large stomach to do that ;)

  3. Of course, because I can't have Fish & Chips or Chicken Chops with chopsticks. :)

  4. I see though the logic doesn't flow :D

  5. haha logic is simple because I don't like western food.

    Chinese food makes give me joy.