Saturday, April 18, 2009

봄학기 현지학습 - 강화도

I went on a 2 days 1 night field trip to Ganghwa Island this week. The original plan was for us to visit Gyeongju - the ancient capital of Shilla Dynasty. Frankly, I was quite glad when the plan was changed as I had been to Gyeongju before. Ganghwa Island is a good choice because I don't even know it exists. What this means is I am going places where I have never been before.

Map of Ganghwa Island and the places we visited.

Ganghwa Island (강화도, 江華島) is situated to the Northwest of Seoul and is about 1.5 hour bus journey away. To the North of the island is Kaeseong of North Korea. Ganghwa is an ancient city and a holy place where the founding father of Korea, Dangun, founded the Gojoseon Dynasty.

My field trip schedule is as shown below:

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