Tuesday, July 14, 2015

맞춰 보세요

In order to find the answer for this question, you will need to know Hangul well. So what comes next? Don't lose sleep over it, answer will be given a day later ^^

Trivia: Guinness Book of World Records once listed Korean civil engineer and former child prodigy, Kim Ung-yong, as the person with the highest IQ. He was estimated to have a IQ score of 210. But the "Highest IQ" category was subsequently scraped in 1990 as comparison of scores from different tests was impossible.

Highlight the space within the bracket to see the answer and explanation.

Answer: [ (C). First, look at the missing strokes of each grid. From left to right, the missing strokes combined to give Hangul alphabet ㄱ → ㄴ → ㄷ → ㄹ. The Hangul alphabet that comes after ㄹ is ㅁ, hence answer C. ]