Wednesday, April 18, 2007

날씨가 춥다면 ...

강의실에서 선생님이 학생들한테 "날씨가 춥다면 뭘 할 거예요?" 라고 물어봤어요. 한 명 싱가포르학생이 "날씨가 춥다면 공원에 산책갈 거예요" 라고 대답했어요. 나는 비슷한 대답을 줬어요. 제가 날씨가 춥다면 아이스크림을 먹고 싶다고 했어요. 싱가포르사람들의 생각이 이상하지 않지요?

In the lecture room, our teacher was asking the students, "If the weather is cold what will you do?". "If the weather is cold, I will take a stroll in a park.", one Singapore student replied. I gave a similar answer. I said if the weather is cold I will want to eat ice cream. Aren't Singaporeans strange?

Most of the Japaneses and Koreans whom I came across prefer warmer weather. Yet Singaporean like me can't seen to get enough of the cold weather. I guess what people usually want are things which they lack or are deprived of.

Speaking of eating ice cream during cold weather. There was this little indulgence that I had - a tub of "Naturr" ice cream after dinner which I bought from the convenience store near my dormitory. Eating ice cream in cold weather is just one of those simple delights in life.


  1. Haha, I thought that answer is a bit strange. I wouldn't want to go out if it is cold. I prefer to stay home and snuggle up with a blanket and watch a movie or something.

  2. Agree with you. I dont usually eat ice cream when in Singapore.

    Strangely when I was in Korea, I had ice cream every day after dinner and that was during cold weather season.

    Those were the days :)

  3. Sue, Singaporeans are kinda "deprived" of cold weather so that explains the "strangeness". One thing I did notice was that I slept very well in cold weather.

    Pinkhippo, you are as authentic a Singaporean as it can be :) What ice-cream did you eat in Korea? Baskin-Robbins? I like Naturr's red bean ice cream.

  4. I just eat whatever there is available. So I have no idea what is the brand I had while I was in Korea.

    In Singapore, I will always have Haagen Dazs in my fridge ... my new love is "melon" .. yum yum

  5. I live the big tubbed Baskin Robbins. I had one at World Cup Stadium/ CGV - Took us a long while to finish it. Ha Ha.

    Anyway, speaking like a true Singaporean, I LOVE THE COLD! Let's take a walk in the park!

  6. Haha... 네, 날씨가 춥다면 공원에 갑시다.