Tuesday, August 06, 2013

스트라스부르 대성당

From Black Forest, our guide pointed at a faintly visible tall structure across the plain of Alsace and said, "Do you see that building over there? It's the Strasbourg Cathedral. We're going there."

I always thought my first visit to France will be in Paris but here I am, crossing the River Rhine to Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace in eastern France.

Towering central portal of Strasbourg Cathedral

Flickering candle lights lit the four corners of the cathedral

The nave and chancel of the cathedral. It is hard not to look up inside this "gigantic and delicate marvel".

The narthex with rose window, typical of Gothic architectural style. Suspended pipe organ on the right.

Across the nave

The "Pillar of Angels", a representation of the Last Judgment

At 18 metres, the astronomical clock, at the south transept, is one of the largest in the world

Marvellous craftmanship

Exiting by the south aisle

Despite an incomplete south tower, at 142m, Strasbourg Cathedral is one of the highest medieval structures


  1. Beautiful shots as usual!!

  2. Lovely. Was there last April. Wow, you are really enjoying life.

    1. I guess you're also saying you're enjoying life.

  3. Oh, yes, I didn't realised that. Will be going for another vacation in Oct and had already booked tickets for Korea in Jan 14. I love holidays. Who don't?

    1. Nice! Enjoy your fall and winter vacation. Hope it snow a lot this winter.