Friday, September 18, 2009

옛 시절

I read from news that there is "A Street to the Past" at the National Folk Museum (beside Gyeongbok Palace) which recreates the Korean life in the 1960s and 70s. Since I am hit by bouts of nostalgia recently, walking down 'memory lane' fit in very well with my mood. The place is not very big but the reconstruction of the old days is with such high fidelity that I had an illusion I was back in time.

Photo Studio

I like the photo studio best

Looking inside the photo studio made me very nostalgic.

It is said that this photo studio is most popular because it allows visitors to try on old school uniforms and take photos. For those who are tired of wearing 'hanbok', wearing old school uniforms may be a good change. The old uniforms and hats are placed behind the old camera showcase.

Street view of the photo studio


Street view of a restaurant from a bygone era

The dining hall is so meticulously reconstructed

Old bottles of the famous Jinro Soju '참이슬' found inside the restaurant. The present bottle is green in colour.

Riding this bicycle may probably bring me back in time

Comic Book Store

This GoldStar brand black and white television is working and showing old programme that belongs to its time.

Racks of comic books

Looking inside the comic book store

An old school bag and a few comic books on a table

Record Store

Old records displayed on shelf

Looking inside the record store. Oldies are played through speakers placed outside the shop.

Old days' entertainment all in one corner.

Electrical appliances advertisement flyers

금성 (金星, GoldStar) is the predecessor of LG. LG actually means "Lucky GoldStar" but I guess most people have since associated LG with its tagline "Life's Good". I think it is good that GoldStar had rebranded itself into LG. It would be hard for people to associate the brand GoldStar and its logo with high-end electrical and electronics goods.


A turn-of-the-20th-century electric tram

Sitting inside the nostalgic tram

Looking out into the long forgotten time

Time to arrive back at reality

Street Life

Movie advertisement

Movie posters

Movie posters are pasted 'indiscrimately' like how it is today

Election posters. The red-colour word says "Be careful of fire."

Notice board

A fabric shop

A traditional herb store

Street scenes

Straw shoes which you can put on

A tailor shop

A coffee shop

An alley leading to the coffee shop


  1. 합천에 갔어지! ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

  2. 합천 안 가봤지. 배경이 어디 같아? 완전히 달라. 더 가까운 거야. 어디있냐면 경복궁 옆에 있는 국립민속박물관 바로 옆에.

  3. 우와!!! 여기 좋은 자료 엄청 많네요! 우연히 들어왔는데... 지금 대학생인데 진짜 보지도 못한 자료가 생생하게...

  4. 벌써 새벽3시인데 인터넷 말고 일찍 자야죠 --"