Tuesday, March 31, 2009

진해시 - 여좌천

Its my second time to Jinhae's Gunhang Festival (군항축제). Jinhae is a city in Gyeongsangnam Province and is famous for its cherry blossom. Gunhang means naval base but to tourists, Gunhang Festival has more to do with cherry blossom than naval base. Nevertheless, the naval base at Jinhae is opened to public during the festival period. Among the many festivals in Korea, the Gunhang Festival is considered as one of the more interesting festivals.

One of the must-visit places during the festival is the Yeojwa Stream (여좌천, 余佐川). Yeojwa Stream is not very far from Jinhae Station - about 5 mins walk away. It is lined with Rapeseed or Canola (유채꽃, 油菜花) and shaded by overhanging cherry blossom trees on both its sides. With wooden bridges and classical music played over the speakers installed along the stream, there is a romantic mood in the air.

Romance bridge at the end with cherry blossom and rapeseed on both sides of the stream, there is a romantic mood in the air around Yeojwa Stream.

Rapeseed or Canola with the clear water of Yeojwa Stream running through them.

Walking by the stream is possible at the upper end of the stream.

Cherry blossom is just starting to bloom. Full bloom is expected in a week time.

This flower is the reason why we were at Jinhae.

This flower is what made Yeojwa Stream so beautiful.

A perfect day out at Yeojwa Stream. The sky was clear, bright and cheery.


  1. Hi, r u still in KHU?
    I just started the Spring 10-week program.

  2. 누구세요? 이름을 좀 남기세요.

  3. 우아~ 봄이 찐자 왔구나 ^__^

  4. Nice angle.

    original time stamp: 31 March 2009 21:20

  5. i never think about angle when i take pictures. i just want to capture a certain mood and that's about it.

    original time stamp: 2 April 2009 17:42