Tuesday, August 12, 2008

멋진 일요일

I was back at Hyeri Art Valley last Sunday. The sun might be blazing hot but the sky was beautifully blue. One of the truths which I have come to trust is that all things come with both pros and cons. If I want the pros, I have to accept the cons as well. Avoiding the cons is as goog as giving up on the pros. If I have chosen to avoid the unbearable heat and stayed indoor I would not see the beautiful sky at Hyeri. Conversely, If I want to see the beautiful sky, I will have to accept being scorched by the sun. Anyway, there are many methods to beat the heat besides staying at home. One of them is eating "patbingsu". I had this chocolate patbingsu in a building called the "Chocolate Design Gallery". It was heavenly.

Blue sky and white cloud. The sky at Hyeri was beautiful.

Nothing beats eating patbingsu during summer. 시원해!

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