Friday, August 08, 2008

현지학습1 - 오전 일정

Aug 7 2008, Thursday, we had our first field trip (현지학습). We were instructed to assemble at the road in front of the Central Library at 8:30am. Or buses only started to depart KHU at 8:50am. There were four buses deployed to transport 150-plus students around. In the bus, we were issued the following schedule by our teacher.

Although it was a 70mins journey to the Icheon Pottery Village, it didn't seem that long when I was chit-chatting away with the person sitting beside me. Once we arrived at the Pottery Village, the first thing we did was to take group picture. After that, we made our way to the pottery workshop where there were rows of tables and benches for visitors like us to sit at.

Teacher forming up the group for photo-taking.

Students listening to the brief given by the pottery master.

The pottery master started off by introducing the types of Korean pottery. He spoke in Korean but kept his brief short. Soon, we were given our first task of the day which was to paint a pre-molded mug. We were only given about half an hour to complete our painting, so there wasn't much time to think about what to paint on the mug. I just painted whatever came to my mind. When time was running short, we were hurried to complete our painting and go for refreshment outside the workshop. The water melon served for the refreshment was so sweet and juicy. My Australian classmate commented that he has never eaten such a sweet water melon before. I just love eating water melon in summer, it is so refreshing. (To be continued)

Pottery master giving a short brief on the types of Korean pottery.

The one-of-its-kind mugs hand-painted by the students.

The water melon was mouth-watering sweet, juicy and refreshing.

Our second task of the day was to make a 접시 or dish from clay. The pottery master gave a short brief again on the right method to mold the clay. We literally had to get our hands dirty to complete this task. However, making a dish was still a more satisfying experience than painting a mug.

Back at the workshop waiting for instruction.

Pottery-making and chit-chatting in progress at the same time.

The end products of our pottery-making lesson. Cute-looking dishes.

For students who completed their work early, the pottery master allowed them to experience first-hand making pottery the professional way. The pottery master also gave a live demonstration later. He changed the shape of the clay at will and within a few minutes a pot was done with aplomb.

Students experienced first-hand the difficulty of pottery-making.

The pottery master makes pottery-making looks so easy.

Time always seems not enough during field trip. After spending about 2 hours in the pottery village, we had to be hurried to board the bus to go for our lunch. When we on the way, our bus driver ajeosshi played the video taken of us during our pottery workshop. That is how fast thing was. Something worth a mention. The bus, we travelled on, comes complete with an entertainment system. Passengers can choose to listen to music, watch TV programme or movie or sing karaoke.

The video of us making pottery was shown in the bus on our way to lunch.

Our lunch was at Go Jumong Restaurant. There was a very popular MBC Korean drama by the name of "Jumong" and the restaurant didn't fail to capitalise on its popularity. Posters of the drama were pasted around the restaurant to identify themselves with the drama. Anyway, we had BBQ pork for our lunch. Four persons shared a table that came with a pot of burning charcoal. The marinated pork when barbequed with charcoal smelled and tasted very good.

We have our BBQ pork for lunch at Go Jumong restaurant.

Students enjoying their lunch. The lunch was scrumptious.

Our next destination after lunch was the Korean Folk Village.

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