Saturday, August 09, 2008

현지학습1 - 오후 일정

Korean Folk Village (한국민속촌, 韓國民俗村)

On the schedule, we were supposed to have 2 hours to do sight-seeing in the Korean Folk Village. In reality, we were only given one and a half hour after a few delays here and there. The time is quite insufficient considering that the village is very big and that there are cultural performances to watch. As a result, I had to do some quick-walking just to see as much of village as possible and to spare some time to watch cultural performances. There were Samulnori and Korean rope-walking performances when we visited the place. In my opinion, the Korean Folk Village is a place worth re-visiting because it is "alive". Plants and crops in the field change from time to time. People wearing traditional costume work and walk around the village as though they are the villagers.

The main entrance of the Korean Folk Village.

Students forming up for group photo outside the main entrance.

A replica of a traditional village house.

Dried crops is an indispensable symbol of an agricultural society.

Medicinal hall of the village. The smell of herbal medicine was strong.

Village characters, like this ajumma , make the folk village comes alive.

Ajeosshi selling hand-made handicrafts and traditional wares

Samulnori cultural performance at the open-air amphitheatre.

At the Hall of Justice where criminals are judged and punished.

The door to the jail - a gate between captive and freedom.

The main gate of the provincial government office.

The Korean rope-walking performance.

A building, by the river side, for rest and relax.

The river - the life source of the village.

Just as I was about to finish my tour of the village, I saw KBS crew preparing for some period drama shooting. Extras were all bundled up like prisoners and waiting to be paraded across the street. In the Korean Folk Village, I never know what I will see next and that is precisely the interesting part about this place.

At the scene of KBS filming. The extras were all bundled up.

Global Campus (국제캠퍼스, 國際캠퍼스)

The final stop for our first field trip was the Global Campus or Suwon Campus of Kyunghee. We were only given about 20 minutes and that was just enough to take a group photo and to walk around the Philosopher's Square and the Central Library building. In no time, we were back in our bus heading back to Seoul Campus. That's all for our first field trip. Although, we had to be hurried from place to place but it was still a fruitful and good outing. Our next field trip is next Thursday and we are going to Weongol Village in Congju.

A full view of the Philosopher's Square at Suwon Campus of Kyunghee.

With the statue of Thinker in between.

The left section of the stained glass inside the Central Library building.

The middle section depicts the Seoul Campus.

The right section depicts the Suwon Campus.

The colour of the stained glass being projected onto the wall.

One last look at the square before I headed back to the bus.

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