Monday, August 18, 2008

때때로 비가 온다

It has been raining intermittently since last Saturday. According to weather forecast, intermittent showers may continue until the end of this week. I have a good afternoon nap today after skipping Taekwondo class. I can't imagine doing this a week ago. I would probably be grilled to perfection before I woke up. In the evening, I went out for dinner and after that took Bus 273 to Korea University for a stroll. Here are some pictures of Korea University and Kyunghee Street.

Road beside Central Library of Korea University after rain.

The Central Library is modelled after the library of Duke University.

Main building of Korea University. It can be seen clearly from the road.

Seven Monkeys Coffee located within short distance from KHU maingate.

Without stepping in, I can already imagine some nice pizza.

Dunkin' Donuts at Kyunghee. I need to walk past it many times a day.


  1. 좋아요, 혹시 연세대학의 사진은 있어요?

  2. 없는데요. 인터넷으로 시진을 검색해 보지 그래요?