Wednesday, August 06, 2008

경희 빵집

The Kyung Hee Bakery and Cafe is located at the College of Hotel and Tourism Management. It is a building by itself and anyone who are walking up the slope towards IIE will probably notice it. The big red lamp shades inside the building are quite conspicuous from afar. While it is called a bakery, no breads are actually made there. They are probably made elsewhere by the college students. The interior decor is very classy. Books and magazines on bread and pastry are placed around the cafe for the reading pleasure of the customers. It would have been perfect if some light music could be played while I sip my coffee and read one of those magazines that has beautiful pictures of pastry. Perhaps it is summer vacation now, the place looks empty even at lunch time. I think I have found a good place to do my homework. Whee~


  1. ohh i like KH bakery tooo :D

  2. Hi Equinox, I'm just curious, which level did you get into at Kyung Hee?

  3. 편해 보여요... ^ ^
    거기에서 값이 아때요?

  4. Anonymous, why are you curious? I am curious about your curiosity :) I am in Intermediate 2 by the way.

    Tata, 다른 빵집과 비교하면 값이 마찬가지에요.