Tuesday, August 12, 2008

피부는 너무 탔다

Do you what is the most commonly asked question in class on Monday? That is, 지난 주말에 뭘 했어요? (What did you do last weekend?). Though, it may seem like our teacher is kinda interested in what we are doing over the weekend, his main objective of asking the question is to practise our Korean speaking and expression. So in anticipation that some students might give a convenient answer like 지난 주말에 집에 쉬었어요 (I rested at home last weekend), he told us before the end of last week that 주말에 집에 있으면 안 돼요. In other words, we must not stay in our dormitary or boarding house during the weekend. I definitely won't be staying in my boarding house during the weekend. I have since gotten used to the heat and could better appreciate summer for what it is. The heat and perspiration are no longer as irritating as before. I could now see summer in its full brilliant colour.

Seoul Grand Park (서울대공원)

I spent the first half of last Saturday at the Seoul Grand Park. The National Museum of Contemporary Art is situated in the park. There is no better time to pay a visit to the museum than now. That is because admission into all museums in Seoul are free until Dec 08 in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Republic of Korea's independence. The Seoul Land theme park and the biggest zoo in Korea are also located in the park. There is this so-called "elephant tram" that drives visitors around the park for a fee but I chose to take a leisure walk. As a result, I got myself burnt under the hot sun.

The fountains in front of the Seoul Grand Park main building.

The lifts bring people up to Mt. Cheonggyesan Forest Relaxation Area .

Old and youngs alike cooling themselves at the water point.

Outdoor exhibit of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea.

I thought I saw a similar sculpture like this in Hyeri Art Valley.

Another outdoor exhibit in the park - bringing art closer to the public.

The National Museum of Contemporary Art. Admission is free till Dec 08.

Photography is prohibited but many people just like to flout the rule.

Ajummas chit-chatting under cool shade in the Seoul Grand Park.

Sunlight breaking through the rainclouds.

Hangang Park (한강공원)

The HiSeoul Summer Festival started last Saturday, Aug 9 at Hangang Park, Yeouido. For the next two weeks until Aug 17, there will be performances at Hangang Park, Yeouido every evening. After leaving the Seoul Grand Park, I found my way to Hangang Park in order to catch the opening ceremony of the Festival. At 8pm, the Festival was declared open with a "big bang" by the Mayor of Seoul. Before the smoke of fireworks could even disappear, rain started to fall and I was running with many other people to take refuge under the tents. Disposable raincoats were issued out quickly to the spectators. The ceremony and performance was interrupted until the rain eased off. However, by then, I was already on my way to the subway station. I didn't want to risk getting myself drenched in rain after being burnt by the sun.

A view of Hangang Park in summer from Seonyu Bridge.

Chilling off at a convenience store by the Hangang.

At Hangang Park between Seonyudo and Yeouido.

The HiSeoul Summer Festival opened last Saturday at Hangang Park.

Hosts of TV programme bringing the opening ceremony live to viewers.

People were all seated and waiting for performances to start at 8pm.

Sunset was around 8pm. I kept thinking that it was 6 in the evening.

Smoke from fireworks. The festival was declared open by the Seoul Mayor.

A view of the Hangang Park after the rain stopped.


  1. Nice colour. Looks like a purple sunset....

  2. I like it more for its serenity than colour ^^