Sunday, August 17, 2008

연휴가 시작된다

Aug 15 is a Friday and we are supposed to have lesson if not for the reason that it is the Independence Day of Korea and a public holiday. In order to make up for the lost lesson time, our school sponsored us for the Nanta show. Though I have watched it once, the second time proved to be equally entertaining. I enjoyed myself from the start till the end. That's how good the show is.

Watching Nanta show for the second time. As entertaining as before.

After the show, I decided to walk to Jongno for dinner. As I walked past the City Hall, riot policemen were out in full force to maintain security. They were on standby all over the place. Riot police buses were parked end-to-end around the City Hall Plaza which effectively cordoned it off from any possible trouble-makers. Despite the scale of police deployment, the atmosphere around City Hall wasn't tense at all.

Riot police buses were used to cordon off the City Hall Plaza.

Riot police on standby around the City Hall.

B-boys performed in front of the KTO building.

Support for the Women's Handball team. They shall be legend if they win.

Finally, I found a restaurant in Jongno to have my dinner. The rice was cooked with beans and gingko in "dolsot" (돌솥). It seems like any food cooked in dolsot always smell nice and taste good. The 순두부찌개 (spicy beancurd stew) was tasty and beancurd was soft. It was a simple meal to end the day. Afterall, Koreans don't really celebrate their 광복절. Its more like a solemn and sombre day.

My dinner - "dolsot rice" and spicy beancurd stew.

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