Thursday, August 21, 2008

이번 마지막 수업

The Institute of International Education, 국제교육관

I am quite sure autumn has arrived. The sky is high, cloudless and very blue. The morning air is quite cooling. If it get anymore cooler, I will have to put on warm clothing. Today, for the first time this summer, I didn't break a sweat walking up the slope to IIE. Our teacher said that the IIE building is modelled after the 거북선 or "turtle ship". However, no matter how I look at it, I couldn't figure out the connection between the two.

Today is the last lesson day for this summer programme. We have a "finale" or sort to end the lesson. Our teacher requested for a group of students to sing "Maria". She had the song played from the computer and the atmosphere in the classroom reached its peak when it came to the chorus. It is good to actually end our lesson on a high note.

Taking a break during 쉬는 시간 or rest time in our classroom 204-1

Mari.....a.... Ave Maria

Enjoying ourselves while others perform.

Not asking for signature. Just exchanging contact at the end of the lesson.

We have Dakgalbi for lunch. Some pictures to whet the appetite.

The appearance just after gochujang sauce was added

The appearance after gochujang was well mixed with the ingredients.

Fried rice to complete our lunch. Burnt rice tastes good!


  1. yeah, i'm quite sure that autumn has arrived too. but isn't it a little early?? hehe. i thought that it would only begin in sept. not that i'm complaining of course. :D

    날씨가 해도 좋아서 기분이 도 좋다. ㅋㅋ. 언재 싱가포르에 들어갈까요? 가기전에 한번 만나자!

    내일에 시험이 있는데... 진짜 무섭다!

  2. 응, 연락할게