Thursday, August 28, 2008

끝이 가까워지고 있다

SKS has a face lift recently. I am not too sure how to describe it but the building looks so "blue". The school probably has a lot of blue paint left over, so much so that it even decided to paint all the wooden table tops in the classroom blue. It is so weird to see table tops matching the wall in colour.

The new look

The old look

Anyway, I only have three more lessons left in SKS. The end-of-term test is scheduled on Sep 4 which is next Thursday. On Sep 9, which is the last lesson for this term, we are going to learn to play 윷놀이 [pronounced 윤노리] or the "Yut" game. Since this is a game of luck and tactic, I hope that my class can finally has a fair chance to come in first.

The end is almost nearing. I don't think I will feel sad about it. Looking at it positively, an end also marks the beginning of a new phase. I cannot see the future now but I hope that everything will just turn out fine. Meanwhile I should not forget that I still need to sit for TOPIK Intermediate on Sep 21. This means that revision has to continue even after class at SKS has ended. More hard work needed. 노력해야 하지, 아자 아자!

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