Thursday, August 07, 2008

이번 여름

Our teacher said that this summer is not as hot as the last. Also, there is no "mogi" (mosquitoes). The reason being that it doesn't rain continuously for days this summer. "Mogi" are finding it difficult to breed because pools of water formed after rain dried up quickly.

In comparison, my life is just as "hard" as the "mogi". Not only I do not have aircon in my room, the aircon in our classroom is often switched off because one of our Japanese classmates is sensitive to cold. The situation has become like I would switch on the aircon and then she would switch it off. Then someone came along and told me, "Hey, do you know I survive the last summer without even a fan?"

So what am I complaining about? At least I still have a fan that I can make to work very hard everyday. During our field trip to Icheon today, I had the opportunity to see fields and fields of green agricultural crops growing under the sun. It suddenly struck me that the crops "enjoy" and grow well under abundant sunlight and heat. I think I should stop complaining and start learning to enjoy summer as well.


  1. hahaa. i can empathise with u. my roomie is just like that. now, even though the aircon's turned on, its set to 28 degrees. its not even cold air blowing out. just wind.. :(

  2. 제가 다시 여름에 안 가요. 절대 절대 안 갈 거예요. 너무 무덥거든요. 제가 전에 뭘 말했는지 이제 이해하겠죠?


  3. i'm still trying to imagine to survive in the day time without air con >.< not an easy one...
    but just think it as a free sauna ^^
    파이팅 ^^

  4. Jean, just endure for another month and you will get to enjoy natural aircon soon. ^^

    Spicebears, frankly the heat isn't that bad after I get used to it. Also I don't feel guilty eating ice cream or patbingsu everyday. I am starting to enjoy my time here. ^^

    Tata, even the night is like sauna. It doesn't really bother me because I sleep like a pig. ㅋㅋㅋ