Sunday, August 17, 2008


This evening, I watched a musical at the "Freedom Theater" (자유극장) in Daehangno. The musical is called "Polaroid" (폴라로이드). Koreans seem to have a special affinity for polaroid. Unlike photograph, polaroid captures and delivers the moment and thought wanted by the user with almost no time lapse.

The plot of the musical is quite simple. It involves a love triangle (삼각관계, 三角關係) which met a tragic end when the female lead was killed in an accident. The incident left the male lead devastated. The only way he could remember his love one was through her pictures.

I didn't really understand most of that dialogue but that didn't stop me from enjoying the nice music and great singing. At certain point, I was even moved by the lyrics. Other times, thoughts and memories just flooded my mind.

The theatre is not big and the stage props are kept to the minimum. An advantage of a small theatre is that we could see the actors and actresses very clearly. At time, they even walk up the aisle. It's that close. Other things like the light and sound were also well co-ordinated. That has successfully created a sense of space. I particularly like the videos projected during the musical. I think my 40,000won was well spent.


  1. Haha... your and 잉잉의 entries on andy's musical are totally of different tone.... haha. But both for a good thing ^___^

  2. Really? ㅋㅋㅋ