Wednesday, August 27, 2008

허수아비 전시회

It was the second field trip for our summer programme and we were at Weongol Village, Gongju (city), Chungcheongnamdo (province) - a rural village which is about 3-hours bus ride away from Seoul. Our purpose at Weongol Village was to make 허수아비 or scarecrow (허수아비 can also mean puppet). It was an experience that brought us closer to the farming culture and the "agricultural art" of Korea.

There is always a photographer who will accompany us for field trip. The photographs taken by him were burnt into CD-ROM and given to us as souvenir. Here are some photographs of scarecrow and their creators taken by our accompanying photographer.

The chic scarecrow

The flamboyant ajumma scarecrow

The diligent ajumma scarecrow

The flower girl scarecrow

The grouchy scarecrow

The fun-loving scarecrow

The young and naive scarecrow

The loving ajumma and ajeosshi scarecrow

The teeny-weeny scarecrow

The "anti-cute" scarecrow


  1. come when I was there for the summer programme, nothing as interesting as these trips took place????


  2. 잘 모르겠네.
    I guess the programme is getting better with time.