Monday, August 04, 2008

힘이 없어

I am feeling weak. It seems like the summer heat is zapping away my energy. I just don't feel like going out or doing anything at all. The sun is definitely more benign in Singapore. To avoid the poisonous sun in Seoul, I am trying to keep my day activity to absolute minimum. I rented a room that has no air-con. Though staying in it, makes me feels like I am slowly being "cooked", it is still so much better than exposing myself to the raging sun walking outside. Throughout last Sunday, I left my room only to have lunch with my friends and then I was back in it until dinner was served at my boarding house.

My lunch - Cheese Donkatsu. Didn't taste as good as its look.

The dinner prepared by my boarding house's ajumma exceeded my expectation. Perhaps my expectation is very low to begin with. Afterall, the dinner comes free with the rental fee and usually for thing that is free, I don't really expect much. Worthy of a mention, the sidedishes served were simply delicious. The main course may be curry rice but I enjoyed eating the sidedishes more. For fruits, I had juicy cut tomatoes which were quite refreshing.

The dinner served at my boarding house. It comes free with the rental fee.

After dinner, I was off to Cheonggyecheon for an evening stroll by the stream. Cheonggyecheon was crowded with weekend crowd trying to find some reprieve from the summer heat. It definitely felt cooler to be walking by a stream than staying in my room. An evening stroll by the stream was not only cooling to the body, it was also cooling to the mind. Sunday night, I slept quite well. I think I have already gotten used to the heat.

The famous landmark of Dongdaemun - The Doota building (left block).

Cheonggyecheon with weekend crowd seeking reprieve from summer heat.

Evening stroll by the stream is good for cooling down both body and mind.

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