Monday, April 23, 2007


Learning Korean is like climbing mountain. The higher I get, the colder it gets. In SKS, there is only two of us in the advanced class. In NEX, there is only eleven of us in the post-advanced class. To get a sense of proportion, the basic level 1 Korean class in NEX these days can reach a size of 30 students. But how many of these students will continue beyond the basic level? I know that my learning journey ahead is going to get even more lonely but I am prepared to brave the "coldness". I want my heart to continue to shine brightly like this lamp despite standing on a snow-covered lawn.


  1. Yes, I like your spirit.

    Keep it up! :)

  2. Oh no.....I thought the post advance class was not able to start...어떻게?

  3. equinox,아자! 하하.

    i hope that i'll be able to continue till yr level.

    btw, is there any diff in what is being taught at SKS and NUS ext post advanced? :)

  4. Yesmaru, 난 모르겠어. 그냥 한번 물어봐. 아니면 올 토요일에 그냥 가.

    Jean후배, 고마워요. 고급한국어가 어렵지 아니고 Jean도 할 수 있는데요.
    SKS advanced course is based on Kyunghee Uni textbook while NEX post advanced course is based on a textbook donated by the Korean Embassy. The focus is also different. SKS focus more on grammar while NEX focuses on conversational skill.