Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Picture taken inside "Canmore" fruit and dessert shop.


  1. ahhh, i understand. so at SKS, it's more textbook based? but at NUS ext its more 'free flow'? is NUS post advanced roughly the same level as SKS's advanced course? when we finish level 6 at NUS, what would our level at SKS be like? :D

    i like all the pictures that u've taken.. makes me want to fly there immediately. :D

    equinox선배, 한국말을 꼭 공부하세요! :)

  2. 알았어, 한국말을 꼭 열심히 공부할 게요 :)

    You are right. SKS is more textbook-based while NEX is more activity-based. I think SKS and NEX courses complement each other quite well. Practice Korean grammar and vocab in SKS and learn to speak and listen Korean in NEX.

    NEX Post-Advanced should be about the same level as SKS Intermediate 2. Hence, NEX level 6 is equivalent to SKS Intermediate level 1.

    Jean도 재미있게 공부하시기를 바랍니다 ^^