Sunday, April 22, 2007

별처럼 반짝반짝

The post-advanced Korean language class at NUS Extension has finally started yesterday. As the class was in the afternoon, I managed to catch a morning show at Cathay Cinema. I have long to watch the movie "200 Pounds Beauty" since I was introduced to the song "Maria" during our Korean song lesson in KHU. The movie review in the Straits Time gave it a 2 stars out of 5. But that didn't really bother me. Even if that reporter has given it a 1 out of 5, I will still watch it. The storyline is simple, entertaining and touching. The movie's climax has all the ingredients to move one to tears. The most potent tear-causing factor was perhaps the song "Byeol" (별-Star). This song was played during the climax amidst the confession made by Kang Hanna. Kim A-Jung, as Kang Hanna, sang this song in the movie. There is in fact another version of the song. The music video below belongs to the SBS Korean Drama "Lovers" (연인-戀人) and the soundtrack "Byeol" is sung by Yumi (유미). Without seeing the lyrics, I can already feel the heartache in the song. Ouch.

미녀는 괴로워 OST 별(김아중,유미)

바람결이 창을 흔들고 내키만한
작은 나의방 위로 아름답게 별빛들을 가득 채워주네요

셀 수없이 많은 별들은 지쳐있는
나를어루만지며 내맘속에 가득담은 눈물 닦아주네요

많이 아파하지마 날 꼭 안은채 다독여주며
잘자라 위로해주네요
걷지 못할만큼 힘이 겨워아파와도
눈물이 앞을 가려와도
갖지못할내 사랑앞에도 나 웃을래요
잠시라도 곁에 행복했던 기억들을
가슴에 간직할게요
두눈에 수놓아진 저 별들처럼 영원히.

꿈을 꾸듯 다가오네요 유난히도 밝은 나의 별 하나
눈부시게 반짝이며 어깨 위로 내려와

자꾸 슬퍼하지마 손 꼭 잡은채 날 만져주며
따스히 날 감싸주네요

걷지 못할만큼 힘이 겨워 아파와도
눈물이 앞을 가려와도
갖지못할내 사랑앞에도 나 웃을래요
잠시라도 곁에 행복했던 기억들을
가슴 속에 간직할게요
두눈에 수놓아진 저 별들처럼 Oh-

나 오늘만은 안 울어요
눈물이 가득 차와도
저기 저 별들처럼 나 웃을래요.....

행복했던 기억들을
가슴 속에 간직할게요
두눈에 수놓아진 저 별들처럼 영원히......

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