Saturday, November 19, 2016


The main theme of the Seoul Lantern Festival 2016 is "Han River". In view of that, the first section of the festival ground was dedicated to lanterns depicting the folklore, history and the social life around the Han River. But I am sorry to say, I was actually more excited about the giant-size lantern of Taekwon V located at the end.

During time before Transformers, there was Taekwon V to save the Earth from destruction.

Water-spouting dragon in folklore was believed to have formed the Han River

Amsadong archaeological site along the Han River reveals history dated back to the stone age

History of Han River unfolds as you walk down Cheonggyecheon

Life of people who used to ply their trade at Mapo port along the river

Lantern of the bridges along Han River. From right to left: Sogang bridge, Line 2 track, Yanghwa bridge and Seongsan bridge.

Duracell bunny that never runs out of battery

Christmas tree lanterns created out of supposedly used skincare product bottles

Lantern with a foreign theme

Every festival must have a wishing tree, board or something. Here, it is a rooaster because 2017 is the year of the rooster.

School of colourful mountain trouts "swimming" up Cheonggeycheon. It is the longest lantern at the festival.

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